Collective Intersex NGO Submission CRC LoI 2014

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>>> CRC Chronology 2014/15 + Thematic Swiss NGO Report on IGMs

NGO Submission to List of Issues to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Periodic Report of Switzerland on the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)

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Compiled by:

Child Rights Network Switzerland
on Intersex:

Submitted 4 December 2014.
This submission's para on IGMs refers to the Thematic NGO Submission re: LoI (5 Dec 2014).
The Review of Switzerland will be on  January 21st–22nd 2015 in Geneva. In advance, is invited to brief the Committee on IGMs on the global scale.

>>> Chrolonogy

The entry on Intersex Genital Mutilations on p. 10 of the NGO Report:

Important issues that are not part of the List of Issues:

Intersex genital mutilation

Update: Since the NGO Report submitted by Child Rights Network Switzerland highlighted non-consensual, unnecessary genital surgeries on intersex children justified by psychosocial indications, eight more UN bodies including UNICEF have criticised such surgeries, and, in accordance with the Joint general recommendation on harmful practices, have called for legal review, access to remedies, collection of data and monitoring. Nonetheless, the Swiss government refuses to take action, and non-consensual intersex childhood surgeries continue unchecked and with factual impunity. Swiss intersex organisations stress adverse effects of the silence of the Committee regarding the obligation of Switzerland to protect intersex children, as well as doctors construing silence as encouragement to continue with unnecessary surgeries (see NGO submission by Zwischengeschlecht et al.).
We recommend that the Committee ask the State Party delegation whether it will initiate a legal review, data collection, monitoring and disinterested research, in consultation with intersex people and their organisations, and if this is not the case, why it is not planning any activities.

>>> CRC Chronology 2014/15 + Thematic Swiss NGO Report on IGMs

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