Friday, March 12 2021

2021 ECHR M. v. France Written Comments


Written Comments on Case M. v. France, Application no. 2821/18 at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)

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M. is a French IGM survivor who is fighting a court case on the basis of article  222-10 of the French Penal Code (aggravated violence resulting in mutilation or permanent disability) for having been submitted to non-consensual unnecessary procedures as a child, namely IGM2: “feminising” genital surgery, and IGM3: castration. However, their case was rejected by a final court decision of the French Highest Court (“Court de Cassation”) dated 6 March 2018, with the court arguing that the statutes of limitations had expired. M. took this rejection to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), where the case is currently pending (Application no. 42821/18 (in French) | English summary – for more information, see also 2020 CRC France NGO Report (PDF), p. 18.)

Above 2021 Third Party Intervention by provides a wider human rights background and context to the case, namely from the proceedings of UN Treaty bodies (p. 1-6) and relevant European Parliament (EU) and Parliament of the Council of Europe (PACE) Resolutions (p. 6-7), the responses of the French Government (p. 7-9), and a Conclusion: “Only the fear of the judge will make things change” (p. 9-10).