2016 CEDAW Netherlands Intersex NGO Report

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NGO Report to the 6th Periodic Report of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)

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Compiled by:
COC Nederland
Nederlands Netwerk voor Intersekse/DSD (NNID)
Transgender Netwerk Nederland (TNN)

Paras 34-41 on p. 13-16 of above report include the relevant sections on “Violence against and ill-treatment of intersex children” (paras 34-38) and “Remedies for violations of the rights of intersex persons” (paras 39-41).

Timetable CEDAW Review Netherlands Nov 2016:
• Review of the Netherlands: Thu 10 Nov 10-13h + 15-17h CET

   Transcript + Podcast!

The Concluding Observations for the Netherlands (and CH), hopefully with another severe reprimand for IGM practices, are due at the end the 65th Session of CEDAW (18 November 2016).

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