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2018 CEDAW PSWG UK Intersex NGO Report

2018-CEDAW-PSWG-UK-NGO-Coalition-Intersex-IGMNGO Report (for PSWG) to the 8th Report of the United Kingdom on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)

>>> Download: PDF (679 kb)  

Compiled by:
Intersex NGO Coalition UK
IntersexUK • UK Intersex Association /

CEDAW Timeline UK 2018-19:
• July 2018: The CEDAW 72 Pre-Sessional Working Group will draft the List of Issues (LOI) for the UK, hopefully with tough questions on intersex and IGM under art. 5(a) "harmful cultural practices", to which the UK then must answer in writing.
>>> Joint Intersex PSWG NGO Statement 23.07.2018 (PDF)

• February 2019: The human rights record of the UK will be examied by the Committee in Genava during its the 72nd session, hopefully followed by yet another severe reprimand for IGM practices for the UK!