NGO Report to the 9th Report of Mexico on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW)

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Compiled by:
Brújula Intersexual
Vivir y Ser Intersex /

CEDAW Timeline México June-July 2018:
• NGO Briefing Mexico (public):
Mon 2 July 16-17h CEST 
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"Fragments. An Intersex Experience" (public): Mon 2 July 18:30h CEST
    Short film + Talk with Adiòs Al Futuro (Mexico)  >>> more info
• NGO Lunch Time Briefing (closed):
Tue 5 July  >>> Intersex NGO Statement
• Review of México: Fri 6 July 10-13h + 15-17h CEST
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The Concluding Observations for México (and Liechtenstein, Australia and New Zealand) include with yet another severe reprimand for IGM practices for each country.