NGO Report (for LOI) to the 1st Periodic Report of Switzerland on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD

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Compiled by:
Zwischengeschlecht.org / StopIGM.org
SI Selbsthilfe Intersexualität

CRPD Timeline Switzerland 2019 – 2020:

Above July 2019 NGO Report provides solid evidence of ongoing IGM practices in Switzerland (p. 18-27), no legal protections for children at risk (p. 10), no access to redress and justice for survivors (p. 26), and no psychosocial and peer support for intersex children and their families (p. 23), in clear contradiction to the previous 4 binding recommendations for Switzerland by UN Treaty bodies (p. 6-8).
Further, the Report documents how intersex children in Switzerland are traditionally considered as "invalids" (p. 21) and how consequently IGM practices in Switzerland are paid for by the "Swiss Federal Invaliity Insurance" (p. 18).

During its 12th Pre-Sessional Working Group (PSWG) in September 2019, the Committee will draft the List of Issues (LOI) with questions for Switzerland, hopefully including strong ones about intersex and IGM.

Switzerland will then have to answer these questions in its Replies to the LOI.

NGOs will then have another opportunity to submit NGO reports. Therafter, Switzerland will be examined in Geneva, arguably in 2020 – hopefully to be followed by yet another strong reprimand for IGM practices for Switzerland!