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2017 CRPD UK Intersex NGO Coalition Report (for Session)

NGO Report (for Session) to the Initial Report of the United Kingdom on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)

>>> Download: PDF (369 kb) | DOC (552 kb)   

Compiled by:
Intersex NGO Coalition UK /
IntersexUK • UK Intersex Association • Leslie Jaye

CRPD Timeline UK 2017:
February 2017: Thematic NGO Report for the CRPD Pre-Sessional Working Group (PSWG) by Intersex NGO Coalition UK ( /, IntersexUK, UK Intersex Association) DOC | PDF.
29 March 2017: The resulting List Of Issues Prior to Reporting (LoIPR) DOC | PDF by the Committee contains strong questions on intersex and IGM both under article 16 (Freedom from exploitation, violence and abuse, see para 11a) and article 17 (Protecting the integrity of the person, see para 12).
The UK chose to non-answer on intersex in their State Report (download options), not even mentioning the word "intersex" once ... (see paras 73 + 82-83)
July 2017: Thematic NGO Report for the Session by Intersex NGO Coalition UK ( /, IntersexUK, UK Intersex Association; Leslie Jaye) (see above).
21 August 2017: NGO Briefing UK (closed), Intersex NGO Coalition Statement + Summary Intersex Q&A
Wed 23.08.2017 15-18h CET + Thu 24.08.2017 10-13h CET: State Review of the UK (Transcript + Video) during 18th CRPD session, with multiple Committee questions on intersex and shameful State non-replies ... 
• End of the 18th CPRD session: Concluding Observations for the UK, hopefully with another severe reprimand for IGM practices!